Sana & Samia Macrame Lace Collection 2014 By Lala Textile | Lala Macrame Summer Collection 2014-15

Lala Textile has launched so many summer seasonal ranges such as Sana & Samia Lawn, Mashaal, Classic Crinkle, Blossom and much more. And now Lala Textile presenting Sana & Samia MACRAME Lace Spring - Summer Collection 2014. Yet again they introduced lawn prints but comes with fancier addition. All the shirts are greatly printed with floral, abstract, lining, dots and other eye-catching patterns. All these dresses have been beautified with styling along rich printed necklines (galas). This macrame lace collection is included three piece and four piece luxurious lawn dresses that are available with long shirts, trousers, printed sleeves and chiffon printed dubattas. The colors which are using in this collection are really appreciated due to its textured and colors combinations. These high class lawn dresses truly an important part of your lifestyle. Let's have closer look on tremendous alluring and Latest Macrame Lace Summer Lawn Collection designed by Sana & Samia from the house of Lala Textile.

Sana & Samia Lawn Collection 2014 Vol.2

Simple Printed Lawn Suits

Lala Textile Lawn Dresses

Macrame Lace Dresses 2014

 Lala Textile Macrame Collection 

 Sana & Samia Designed Now Macrame Lace Lawn

 Glowing Colors Floral Printed Lawn Suits By Sana And Samia Macrame From The House Of Lala Textile
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